15 times of Exhibition,

Three times of watercolor Painting Exhibition


2017  Art Colabo Exhibition (Pross Art, COEX)

2016  Good design Art Fair ( Pross Art, KINTEX)
2015  Design Business Art Fair (Pross Art, KINTEX)

2014  Hangaram Art Museum (Seoul)

2013  Hangaram Art Museum (Seoul)
2012  Hangaram Art Museum (Seoul)
2011  Jay gallery (Seoul)
2010  Hangaram Art Museum (seoul)

1998  Hyundal Art Gallery (Seoul)
1998  Invitational at the Asan Canter Gallery
1997  Lotte Gallery (Seoul)
1997  Invitational at the Asan Canter Gallery
1996  Invitiatonal at the Asan Canter Gallery
1996  Seokyung Gallery(Seoul)


Art Fair

2012  Berliner Liste Art Fair (Germany)
2011  Singapore Art Fair (Singapore)
2010  Singapore Art Fair (Singapore)
2010  Melbourne Art Fair ( Australia )
2008  Zurich Art Fair ( Swiss )
1998  Salon Jwejiah  (Paris, France)
1995  Grand et Jeunes d 'aujour d' hui ( P
aris, France )


Group Exhibitions

Korea & Japan International Exhibition (Heyri bookhouse)
Art Show Hotel Fair (Na Gallery Invitational)
Seosan  Gallery Invitational Exhibition
Invitational  Gyeongju World Culture Expo 
Invitational  Ulsan Hyundal Gallery
Gusang Regular Exhibition, DMC Digital Art Exhibition
Seoul Digital Art Festival (DMC, Seoul)
Busan Biennale (Busan)

Invitational of Contemporary Artists' From 16 countries. Featured Artists Exhibition of Contemporary       ArInvitation of Watercolor a Millenium, etc. and about 238 times of other Group exhibitions in several countries 


Present :  Korea Fine Arts Association, Board Member of the Gusang Art Group, 

            professional artists associations Korea, 

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