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A United aggregate express beautiful manifests and depth structure and produces repose moment.

Meaning brings about the result which coheres in the geometric school register melody which gives

in the margin which is purified, does, this material feeling and same quality feeling coexists and the

synergy effect which comes to get emits




To me, red is the color of luck.
The memory of Red is the truce village of Panmunjom, the military reporter,

and the snow scene.
Energy to quench thirst with short memories on long journeys
It's not like you're living anywhere

in the source is.
It's what makes you look like this.


Aesthetic sign_1701

There is an unintended pleasure in doing good.
However, when you think of objects as objects, serve as another creation
Which position is it?
It's reborn as a precious motif with nothing to throw away.
Let's go. We'll follow the way we see it.
have a different measure of happiness


Aesthetic sign_2010

I sold my work in Australia.
across the sea in a vast expanse of hoofs. I didn't really know it was gonna be communicated.
You gave me a moment of confidence and happiness. We need to make it deeper. the coexistence of the past and present on a cloudy black-and-white background. The distorted figure and symbolic motif are deep language.


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